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Oct 22nd, 2015

Tax Credits – the House of Lords

By Megan Bentall

There could be just days left to stop the government’s plan to make life harder for millions of British families with low paid jobs. Unless we stop them, cuts to tax credits will take money away from some of the UK’s poorest children.

On Monday, the House of Lords will vote on the cuts. A growing group of Lords are worried about pushing families into poverty. But the government is pressuring them to vote in favour. It’s up to us to show them which side to take – that they should protect Britain’s families in the face of a bullying government.

So 38 Degrees members are signing a petition to the House of Lords in their thousands – asking them to stand up for Britain’s working families.

Many members of the House of Lords are already frightened of the impact these cuts could have. This week, an influential group of Lords came up with a plan to slam the brakes on tax credit cuts. But the government forced them to back down.

Now some Lords are defying these orders. They know that these cuts are just too harmful and unfair. Together, we need to prove that the public is behind them. Lords aren’t used to being thrown into the public spotlight, but this a rare chance for us to encourage them. The vote will be tight – and a people-powered petition could just tip it the right way.

38 Degrees members have stopped dangerous plans like this before. This time last year, over 150,000 of us signed an emergency petition to the House of Lords, asking them to vote against plans to privatise England’s woodlands. It worked that time – and it can work again now if enough of us get involved.

We need to act fast to get the petition to the House of Lords before Monday’s vote. Click here if you’d like to join 38 Degrees members and sign the petition.

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