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Nov 18th, 2015

This will terrify Conservative MPs

By Megan Bentall

If you were a Conservative MP, this advert would terrify you.

The ad we want to run in Conservative constituencies across the UK


It exposes how many people in constituencies across the UK would lose out because of tax credit cutsIf you saw this advert across your local area, you’d think twice about supporting these harsh cuts to families’ incomes.

38 Degrees members are chipping in to get this advert on leaflets posted through thousands of letterboxes across Conservative constituencies. We’ll plaster it on vans to drive around their areas. We can stick it onto giant billboards and print it in local newspapers.

These adverts would force more Conservative MPs to finally oppose tax credit cuts. And in turn, those MPs speaking out could topple Osborne into stopping the cuts.
These adverts will target MPs like Caroline Ansell (Eastbourne) and Amanda Solloway (Derby North). They are new MPs, and only just won the election in their area. They’ve never rocked the boat before, so it would cause a huge stir if they spoke out.

The designs for the adverts are ready to be sent to the printers – but they need funding to get them onto the streets. Every pound donated means more pressure on key Conservative MPs. Each £3 can pay for a bundle of leaflets!

If 4,000 of us chip in, it will mean:

  • leaflets through thousands of letterboxes
  • adverts on the side of vans, which will drive around MPs’ constituencies
  • huge billboards, in places where the MP is likely to spot them, like near their office or the train station
  • full page adverts in local newspapers

When an MP sees these leaflets and adverts they’ll be desperate to make them disappear! And they’ll know that the only way they can make that happen is to come out against tax credit cuts.

Getting these adverts printed is urgent. Osborne will reveal his new plans to make huge cuts next week. Cuts to tax credits could still be on the table unless we get enough Conservative MPs to voice their opposition.

The sum’s pretty simple: billboards + advert vans + leaflets = the perfect storm to push Conservative MPs to speak out against the cuts.

If that adds up for you click here to chip in and help fund these people-powered ads.

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