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Feb 10th, 2016

Scottish Election: how should 38 Degrees members get involved?

By Megan Bentall

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of years in Scotland. We’ve had the independence referendum, a wild UK election and soon we’ll have the chance to choose who forms the next Scottish Government.

Politicians and pollsters think they set the election agenda. But 38 Degrees is independent and people-powered – and we’re working together, to turn politics-as-usual on its head.

Together we could make sure the things we care about, like NHS services, stopping TTIP or protecting our environment, are front and centre in the race for votes. So 38 Degrees members are deciding what to push for at this election.

Politicians are super sensitive to people power around elections. One renegade question from a member of the public can put politicians on the spot and force them to publicly promise things they didn’t want to consider. Imagine what 100,000 well-timed questions can do to politicians and political parties on everything from TTIP to bee-killing pesticides.

Elections force politicians to listen to us and give us firm commitments on the issues we care about. And there’s an awful lot of us in Scotland. Together, we could pin parties and candidates down on where they stand on TTIP, fracking, tackling poverty, you name it. But where should we start? Click here to take a few minutes to help decide what 38 Degrees could do during the 2016 election?

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