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Feb 16th, 2016

NHS: Here’s the plan!

By Rachel Diamond

This is going to be a big year for the NHS campaign. Over 130,000 38 Degrees members shared our views on the NHS – why we want to fight for it, what we should campaign on, who we should target. Here’s what we decided:

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Each one of us has a personal story about the NHS. It’s one of our vital public services and we want to protect it from the private companies trying to buy it up. NHS survey why NHS   Our number one priority is campaigning against privatisation of our local frontline services. We want to make sure private companies like Virgin care and Serco are kept in check.

We’re united in wanting to target Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron and their cronies, as well as our local MPs. NHS survey targets When we come together to campaign we know we have power – so that’s what we’re going to do. NHS survey how do you want to get involved And we ranked exposing our MPs links to private companies and investigating the companies themselves as our top two tactics.

The NHS is in trouble – from our junior doctors, to closures of local hospitals – but together we can create powerful campaigns to win back our NHS. There are millions of us across the UK who care about the NHS – we can make sure this is the biggest year yet for our campaign.

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