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Mar 15th, 2016

NHS Reinstatement Bill: Filibustered

By Trish Murray

Last Friday, a group of MPs killed off a new law that could have achieved everything 38 Degrees members want for our NHS: protecting it from profit-driven companies and stopping government cuts. Their trick? Talking for so long that they ran out of time for a debate – it’s known as “filibustering”.

38 Degrees member Mike has had enough. He’s campaigning to get the dodgy trick banned. Just last year, a group of MPs looked into filibustering and said it should be stopped. They’ve been ignored so far – and last week our NHS suffered as a result.

If we want an end to this dodgy practice, it’s not enough for just a few MPs to be speaking out. Thousands of us signing Mike’s petition will prove that this is an issue the public cares about too. That much pressure could be enough to finally change things in Westminster.

If you agree that Parliament should be a place for proper debate, not time-wasting tactics, then sign the petition now

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