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Mar 31st, 2016

London Rent Cap – Email the candidates

By Louie Herbert

London is in housing crisis. Families are being forced out of the city and young people are being forced to move back in with parents. Becky, a 38 Degrees member and Londoner, isn’t willing to let London become a place only for the super-rich so she’s started a campaign asking the London mayor candidates to introduce a rent cap in the city.

The run up to an election is a great time for campaigning. Our collective voice can get candidates to make promises to win our votes. If enough of us show the mayoral candidates that promising a rent cap could swing the election, it could get us the policy London needs.

If you agree that we should all be able to afford to live in this great city, please write to the mayoral candidates today and ask them to promise to introduce a rent cap. To help you along the way, there’s a template letter which you can edit:

Just click here:


Here’s what Becky says:

“London is the city with the most jobs in the UK. It is patently unfair that people who work in London cannot afford to live in the same city that they work, particularly if they want a family. And the situation is only going to get worse unless the new Mayor of London takes urgent action.”

You can see this petition here:

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