EMERGENCY: register to vote crisis

BREAKING: last night tens of thousands of people were blocked from registering to vote in the EU referendum – because the government website crashed.

The deadline has passed, but the government could allow an emergency extension if there’s enough of an outcry. If enough of us pile in now onto a huge petition, we can force the government to let people who missed out register to vote.

Can you add your name to the emergency petition now?


It’s hard to tell exactly how many people missed out on their chance to vote. It’s been reported that at it’s peak, over 10,000 people a minute were trying – and failing – to register on the website. That number of people missing out could decide the result of the referendum.

Staying or leaving the EU is a huge decision for all of our futures – and it’s not fair that tens of thousands of people won’t get a vote because of a technical fault. Our democracy is better than this.

If you agree that everyone who missed out on registering to vote should get a 24 hour extension, sign the emergency petition now. To make sure the government sees the petition urgently, 38 Degrees members will deliver it by 6pm today: