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Jun 15th, 2016

NHS pricing crisis update

By 38 Degrees team

Recently the news broke that rogue drugs companies have been fleecing millions out of our NHS. These greedy groups are exploiting a loophole that lets them buy up the rights to everyday medicines, hike up the price, and hold our NHS to ransom.

An investigation by the Times found that the NHS is paying £85 for a basic skin care treatment that use to cost just 70p. Price hikes like this one are costing our NHS the equivalent of 7,000 new doctors a year.

38 Degrees members have been putting the government on the spot and it’s working. Last week we delivered our HUGE petition calling for the closure of the loophole, signed by over 130,000 of us, to health minister Jeremy Hunt. Now, they’re facing opposition from all sides, and even from members of their own party.

Our wave of people-power is already making front page news. Now we’ve got to keep up the pressure. If tens of thousands of us tweet or email Jeremy Hunt, now when he’s already feeling the heat, we could force him into taking action.

You can get involved by tweeting or emailing Jeremy Hunt now to demand he ends the drugs pricing crisis and watching this space for updates on the campaign.

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