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Jun 15th, 2016

Pensions at risk

By 38 Degrees team

Right now the government’s trying to rush through new laws that put millions of pensions at risk.

Their focus has been on the failing Tata Steel, which they claim no one wants to buy because they’d have to pay up for the pensions. The governments answer has been to attempt to force through new laws that’d cut pensions without the permission of employees.

Whilst the government are claiming these changes are “unique” to this case, experts and MPs are warning it “sets a dangerous precedent”. These changes could mean that whenever companies fail they could be able to permanently cut pensions, potentially leaving millions of workers worse off.

But we could change that. If enough 38 Degrees members think it’s a priority, we could come together and stop the government’s dangerous, knee-jerk reaction. We can demand they put in place a temporary stop-gap to save Tata Steel – and then come up with a proper long-term plan for other failing companies that does not place future pensions at risk.

Yes: https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/surveys/thanks-for-voting-yes-do-you-have-a-pension-tata

No, focus on other things: https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/surveys/thanks-for-letting-us-know-what-you-think-can-you-share-your-thoughts-pensions

38 Degrees members choose the issues we campaign on together. From protecting the NHS to cracking down on tax dodging, knowing what each of us cares about is vital. We’re a movement of millions of people fighting for a society where we all play by the same rules.

Together, we put the issues we care about at the top of the agenda. The angle at which an avalanche happens is 38 Degrees.


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