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Jun 21st, 2016

Time is running out to protect our pensions

By 38 Degrees team

We’ve got under 48 hours to stop the government from rushing through new laws that could let big businesses put millions of our pensions at risk.

In the rush to save a failing company, Tata Steel, the government’s planning to give them the power to cut staff pensions. Experts are warning it could open the floodgates for other companies to follow suit. It could put millions of pensions at risk

But 38 Degrees members are rallying to stop them. Our plan is to deliver a huge people-powered petition, channeling our collective-voice to force their plan out of the shadows.

Already over 120,000 of us have signed this petition, but we’ve not got much time. The consultation closes in 48 hours so we’ve got to act fast.If you want to protect our pensions from these dangerous changes then you can add your name right now.

Pensions are the safety net that let us sleep easy knowing that we’ve prepared for later life.  Most of us spend years paying into them, but this new law could give big business bosses the power to go back on their promises and empty the pot. Here’s what some 38 Degree’s members have to say about the issue:

“Pensions are not a benefit. They have been paid for. Why should people who have worked hard all their lives be made to suffer?”Michelle, 38 Degrees member

It will not affect me but I am concerned for those people who are less able to prepare financially for their future – including many in the younger generation.”Rolf, 38 Degrees member

People like my generation who have worked hard and paid a pension do not deserve to have any change and we should not be paying Tax on our pension.” – Irene, 38 Degrees member

Together, we put the issues we care about at the top of the agenda. The angle at which an avalanche happens is 38 Degrees.

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