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Jun 23rd, 2016

Love Trumps Hate

By Megan Bentall

When Donald Trump makes the headlines it’s usually because he’s said something horrifying. But together, we can give the media something more positive to talk about.

Tomorrow, the world’s media will descend on Scotland, where Trump will arrive to officially open his hotel. Nearly 14,000 of us have signed a petition calling on Donald Trump to meet with Scottish Muslims while he’s here, so he can learn about Islam instead of attacking it. Every name on the petition helps prove that Scotland rejects racism and bigotry.

We’ve got a plan to make sure our message is seen by Trump and the media. As the cameras roll whilst he’s cutting the ribbon, we’re going to fly a plane overhead with a message for Mr Trump. It’ll simply say: “Love Trumps Hate”.

It’s a way to show Donald Trump and the world’s media that 38 Degrees members like us reject his attacks on women, Muslims, immigrants, Mexicans, gay people and many others. And it’ll show our own politicians that that kind of politics will never be welcome here.

If you’d like to add your name to the petition before we hand it in to Mr Trump, you can add your name here.



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