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Jun 24th, 2016

3 commitments the Leave campaign made

By 38 Degrees team

Whether you voted in or out, now’s the time to hold politicians to account for their campaign claims.

Here’s 3 commitments from the Leave campaign to remember:

1) We’ll bring in an extra £350 million for the NHS

The Leave campaign promised to invest heavily in our health service – even going as far as sticking the claim on the side of their bus. 38 Degrees members treasure our NHS, and we’ve repeatedly called for more funding.

But the day after the vote, Nigel Farage called the promise ‘a mistake’.

38 Degrees member Michele has already started a petition asking them to keep their promise – which you can sign here: http://38d.gs/NHS-promise

2) Lower household energy bills

The Leave campaign said that exiting the EU would mean the government could scrap the VAT on domestic energy bills. Overall, that would save the country around £1.7 billion or £64 per household per year.

3) Continue to fund farming, science and art

Thirteen Government ministers and senior politicians from the Leave campaign assured us that that every region, group and recipient of EU funding would continue to get that money after a Brexit – until at least 2020.


38 Degrees members start and win their own campaigns every day. Some of our best and boldest campaigns have been started by members of the public. You can start your own campaign here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petition/new





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