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Jul 5th, 2016

2nd Billboard unveiled to celebrate pop-up museum ‘East-End Women: The Real Story’

By Louie Herbert



A new billboard has been unveiled this week seeking to mock the controversial Jack the Ripper museum and instead tell people the history of women from the East End of London.

The Jack the Ripper museum originally applied for planning permission to build “the only dedicated resource in the East End to women’s history”. But following the decision to grant this application, the permission was used to open as a museum dedicated to the crimes of a serial killer.

In July 2015 after the Jack the Ripper museum opened, 38 Degrees member Becky Warnock started a petition to ‘celebrate Suffragettes not serial killers’. Over 13,000 people have signed the 38 Degrees petition calling on Tower Hamlets Council to revoke planning permission for the Jack the Ripper museum.

Hundreds of 38 Degrees members then chipped in to fund a rival new pop-up museum. It has been built by the East End Women’s Collective, a group of local women who gave up their time to research and curate stories of inspirational women from the East End.

The museum has been up and running for the past six weeks and will be at its current location of St George in the East Church, E1 0BH until 5pm on Saturday. After which it will be packed up for a few weeks before popping up somewhere new.

For now though, two of the panels from the museum have been blown up and put on a billboard so that any passers by have a chance to enjoy the history that they were originally promised. And there’s a handy reminder on that billboard to not visit the Ripper museum that just happens to be directly opposite!

To keep track of where the pop up museum will be next and any updates you can visit: http://www.eewtherealstory.com/

You can view the full text of the billboard here: 1 2 3

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