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Jul 7th, 2016

6 bold steps you can take to shape Brexit

By 38 Degrees team

Let’s be honest, what post-Brexit Britain looks like is totally up in the air.

But don’t worry, one thing’s for sure: as 38 Degrees members we’re determined that it’s shaped by what millions of us want – a fairer, greener, more equal Britain. Not one that’s dominated by big corporations, or the politics of hate and division.

This commitment has never been more important than right now, when all our political leaders are giving us is uncertainty. In this moment we can step up and shape the future. People are crying out for a plan – together we can provide that. This is our opportunity to drive forward a truly people-powered Brexit.

What could we do?

Let’s think big. 38 Degrees has never been an organization that’s happy thinking small, this time is no different. Here’s 6 bold steps we could take:

  1. Work with experts to run research – find out what the public want Britain to look like.
  2. Get policy experts to pool the results – build a people-powered list of proposals for post-Brexit Britain.
  3. Splash these demands everywhere – in local and national newspapers, across billboards, adverts on buses and on social media and online platforms.
  4. Hold big Question Time-style events – so our plan’s the talk of the town.
  5. Bring our plan to MPs – lets put politicians on the spot on issues like the NHS, environment and workers’ rights.
  6. Host live debates on the big issues  – bring together  experts, politicians and members of the public, to make sure everyone’s talking about our people-powered Brexit.


How can we do it?

38 Degrees is funded by donations from thousands of people across the UK. If enough of us chip in today, the experts can get started tomorrow.

Please will you donate now to help shape a Brexit that works for ordinary people?


I know it’s an ambitious plan. But 38 Degrees members are at our best when we make big plans together, then all chip in to make them happen. And there’s never been a bigger opportunity for us to shape the future of the UK together.

Over 1,700 members of 38 Degrees have already chipped in to make the people-powered Brexit plan a reality. Imagine if thousands more of us piled in with a few pounds each. Together we could see our plan change the debate about Brexit.

Please will you chip in a few pounds now?

Chip in

Right now, no-one in power seems to have a plan for what Britain leaving the EU actually looks like but together 38 Degrees members are deciding how to make the best of our new situation. Together, we’ll keep pushing to the make the UK a better place.

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