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Jul 16th, 2016

Letter in the Telegraph

By Kathryn Stribley

We’re in the papers! Our open letter telling Theresa May to protect our NHS is splashed across the Telegraph this morning. 190,000 have added our names so far – thank you for being one of them, Kat.


Imagine Theresa May‘s advisors spotting this. They won’t be expecting it, so it’s likely to stick in their minds when they brief her on what the nation’s thinking.

But getting the message to her is just the start. Theresa May – and her advisors – need to see that momentum is building by the hour. The growing pressure could convince our new Prime Minister to give us a straight answer on how she’s going to protect our NHS.

Can you share the open letter with all your friends and family now? Together, let’s top 250,000 signatures, you can do this by following the link below: https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/campaigns/1110

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