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Jul 19th, 2016

Tweet for our NHS

By Kathryn Stribley

A group of influential MPs are meeting the boss of NHS England, Simon Stevens. They want his views about how much money our NHS needs to continue giving us world-class care.

But at the moment, the most important people are missing from the meeting. That’s us – the people who use the NHS when we’re sick or someone in our family needs urgent care. We don’t have long, but there’s an easy way we can get our voices heard too.

They need to know the public wants more funding for our world-class NHS. The more of us who tweet now, the bigger the impression we can make.

These MPs are on the health ‘select committee’ – they represent all of us, and they have the government’s ear on big NHS decisions. If each of us tweets these MPs now, their mobile phones will be beeping non-stop before the meeting and our messages will be loud and clear in their heads.
Will they hear us and prioritise the NHS? Or will they leave for their summer holidays being none the wiser?



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