The 38 Degrees crowdfunded investigation into secret NHS plans

Last month, 38 Degrees members chipped in to fund an investigation into a series of secret plans to change our NHS.

These are the results of that investigation.

38 Degrees commissioned health policy experts Incisive Health to review all publicly available documents on Sustainability and Transformation Plans. In addition, 38 Degrees received a detailed leaked plan for one area from a confidential source.

The investigation found a swathe of proposed changes to frontline services across England – including A&E closures, changes to maternity care, and cuts to hospital beds.

Here are the summary of the findings in a report.

Here’s a spreadsheet with the full results of the investigation for each area across England and links to the documents we analysed.

The research for the investigation was completed throughout July 2016. Since then, plans in some areas have been released for the public to see. As more details come in, the 38 Degrees office team will update the details as quickly as possible.

If you have more information about a plan, please get in touch on If we can corroborate the evidence you send us, we’ll add it to the spreadsheet so that together, we can build a clearer picture of what’s being planned for our NHS.