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Aug 28th, 2016

An end to London’s Olympic legacy?

By Louie Herbert

Tom Daley’s diving academy in Barnet is under threat. In a bid to save cash, Barnet Council are demolishing the diving centre at Barnet Copthall.

So 38 Degrees member Wendy, who daughters are learning to dive a the pool, is campaigning to save it.  Her campaign’s made a big splash so far: Wendy’s been in local papers, national news, on TV, and now she’s been invited to speak at the full Council meeting in Hendown Town Hall next week.

If enough of us sign the petition before that meeting, it will show the council how much we want to save the diving centre.  It could make them realise they’re swimming against the tide of public opinion and flip their decision, and keep the diving centre open.

If you think that Barnet’s future olympians deserve the chance to reach their potential then please sign the petition:


Here’s what the parent of one young diver had to say:

“It is outrageous, there’s nowhere else to go in north London.  The clubh as been going for years.  If they were going to tear up a football pitch, people would be up in arms.

“If it goes, it would mean we could not contiune.  There is a facility in east London, but that would take me an hour’s drive.  There is nothing wrong with it, I just don’t understand.”

Barnet’s young divers, inspired by the Rio Olympics, stayed up late to watch Tom dive on television.  Let’s not let their Olympic dreams be crushed by a council budget spreadsheet.

Thanks for being involved!



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