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Sep 1st, 2016

5 Days Of Blood Left

By 38 Degrees team

Scotland has supplies of some blood types for just the next 5 days, and the number of new donors in Scotland has fallen by a third. This is putting lives at risk. And those lives could easily be our friends, families or colleagues.

There are hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members in Scotland. Imagine the impact if thousands of us decided to support our NHS by donating blood?

If everyone reading this post right now booked a blood donation appointment it would make a huge difference. Will you help out?

Giving blood is really important. It’s needed for all kinds of medical treatment, from emergency operations to childbirth. Donating is safe, simple and takes only an hour. All you need to do to start is to sign up, fill out your medical history and go to your nearest donor centre.

Together 38 Degrees members act to bring change to the things that matter to us, like our NHS. We campaign in lots of different ways, from signing petitions to contacting our MSPs. And at the moment we’re holding a consultation on how to make mental health services here better – already more than 7,500 of us have taken part.

Scotland’s NHS is something we all care about, but we can’t always leave helping it to the politicians. Sometimes we can take action ourselves to support it here and now. Giving blood is a great way we can help.

Use the link below to go to Scotland’s Give Blood website, and find out where to give blood near you:


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