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Sep 12th, 2016

Killed by a Parent

By Louie Herbert

Nineteen children have been murdered by parents who were already known to be violent. A judge gave the abusive parents access to their kids. The charity Women’s Aid has started a campaign for judges to make child safety their number one priority – and put an end to these tragic deaths.

On Thursday, MPs will debate this plan. One of us adding our name might not make a difference. But a huge petition, signed by thousands of us, would show MPs this is something we expect them to take seriously.


“No parent should have to hold their children and comfort them as they die, or be told that their child has been harmed in an act of revenge or rage”

These are the words of Claire Throssell, whose two children, Jack and Paul were killed by their father. Tragically, a judge had ruled it would be safe for him to see them unsupervised despite a history of domestic abuse.

Jack and Paul’s deaths were completely avoidable – but if we don’t act now, there could be more.

Will you sign the petition to help protect children from dangerous parents? It only takes two minutes:


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