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Sep 13th, 2016

NHS Inquiry

By 38 Degrees team

NHS hospitals don’t have enough money to survive. That was the stark warning from NHS leaders this weekend. And now it’s reported that an influential group of MPs might call a special inquiry into the state of the NHS – and that they’re making the decision on Tuesday 14th.

A big, headline-grabbing inquiry would pile pressure on the government to fund our hospitals and GP surgeries properly. The government will be pulling strings behind the scenes to stop it. So let’s make sure the MPs know they’ve got thousands of 38 Degrees members behind them as they make their key decision tomorrow.

These warnings about the state of our NHS are shocking, but they aren’t a surprise. Last month, 38 Degrees members chipped in for an investigation into new plans to cut spending in the NHS. Together, we found plans across England for cuts to hospitals, A&Es and GPs. We exposed them in the media and made sure people were talking about the cuts.

That proved the difference we can make when each of us adds our name. MPs decide tomorrow whether or not to support an inquiry into the state of our NHS – so please, add your name to the petition below:


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