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Sep 17th, 2016

What do You Want to do About Grammar Schools?

By Trish Murray

The government wants to bring back grammar schools – they select children by exams when they’re 11 years old. Supporters say grammar schools give bright students from lower-income backgrounds a top education. But a lot of experts warn that they mostly benefit families who have more money.

Politicians are divided on grammar schools – which means there’s so much we could do to affect the outcome. But first, we need to decide how 38 Degrees should get involved.

38 Degrees members want what’s best for our children’s education. Earlier this year we helped stop the government turning every school in England into an academy. We know that when it comes to children getting the best start in life, it’s us – parents, teachers and neighbors – who should get the final say.

We could campaign to stop grammar schools coming back. Or we could push the government to make grammar schools as fair as possible, by demanding safeguards to make sure kids from all backgrounds have a chance to attend. Or we could decide that this isn’t an issue for 38 Degrees to campaign on.

Every 38 Degrees member, including you, gets a say in what we do together. So, what do you think 38 Degrees should do about grammar schools? Have your say by clicking one of the statements below:

Campaign against grammar schools

Campaign for safeguards so grammar schools benefit poorer kids

Stay out of the debate about grammar schools

Support the government’s plans

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