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Sep 19th, 2016

NHS Documentary

By Rowan Pereira

Our NHS is hanging on by a thread. And now, Jeremy Hunt’s got secret plans to close NHS services that could push it over the edge.

If things go Jeremy Hunt’s way, he’ll get the ball rolling on his plans next month.  But we’ve got a plan to push them into the spotlight. If enough of us chip in, we can make a powerful documentary to expose the real impact of his NHS cuts – and then get everyone in Britain to see our people-powered film.

The 38 Degrees office team’s already made the beginnings of a powerful documentary. It meets real people who’ve paid the price for an NHS that’s being starved of cash. If enough of us chip in, we can tell the stories of real NHS patients who are stuck on hospital waiting lists, or spending hours in A&E. Their powerful stories will be hard for politicians to ignore.

If each of us chips in now we can get this film ready to go and come up with a plan to make sure it’s everywhere. It’ll help pay for cameras, crew, and professional editing to get our NHS documentary ready for the big screen. Then, we can buy cinema adverts and Facebook ads to make sure that millions of people understand that our NHS is under threat.

Last month, 38 Degrees members chipped in for an investigation into the secret plans to cut spending in the NHS. Together, we found plans across England for cuts to hospitals, A&Es and GPs.

Now we need to make sure people see the devastating human cost these plans could have. Together we can make sure the message is clear: our NHS simply can’t survive more cuts.

Can you chip in now to finish the film and expose these secret cuts?


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