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Sep 20th, 2016

Save The Curzon Mayfair

By Louie Herbert

A historic West End cinema is facing closure because of legal action from a greedy developer. After building four luxury flats right above the Curzon cinema, developers are now complaining about the noise. They’re trying to force the independent chain to foot the £500,000 bill for soundproofing work.

The cinema can’t afford it – and would be forced to close if they had to pay it. So 38 Degrees member Pancho has started a campaign to save the Curzon Mayfair.

Pancho is asking the Mayor of London to step in. The Mayor has the final say on any planning application and he won’t lose a historic London attraction so early in his new job. A huge petition could force him to step in and make the developers foot the bill – or find another solution.

Here’s what Pancho says:

“It is an absolute travesty. This cinema doesn’t have the funds. They know the venue is listed and would face an uphill struggle to get permission to change its interiors. This is a de facto attempt to close the Curzon through the backdoor.” 

If you think saving London culture is more important than millionaire flats, please sign the petition. It only takes two minutes:


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