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Oct 13th, 2016

Save Clay Cross Hospital

By Robin Priestley

A campaign was recently set up by KL Rose in order to save Clay Cross Hospital.

Why is this important?

This hospital was built several years ago to support the local area, the building hosts all types of day clinics etc.

One ward has been closed for a long time,and now the trust are looking to close down the other ward.

In the past people have been discharged from the main hospital to here, one step closer to home. Its been well looked after and is very modern inside, plenty of free parking.

The nearest Hospital is Calow which is 2 bus rides away, so it is vital to keep this hospital open for local people.

You can read about the plans for better care closer to home at the following link http://www.joinedupcare.org.uk

Please support the staff and nurses to keep their jobs, and the hospital open by signing the petition:

Save Clay Cross Hospital



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