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Oct 18th, 2016

Leap Gate: Danger for children?

By Robin Priestley

A campaign was recently set up by the Castle Mead Residents to ask Wiltshire Council to lower the 50mph speed limit on the newly-opened section of Leap Gate, to put into effect traffic-calming measures and to stop actively promoting the use of this road as a bypass for all local traffic, especially HGVs.

Why is this important?

Leap Gate runs through two densely-populated family estates, Castle Mead and Paxcroft Mead, which are served by two primary schools.

Since the new stretch of Leap Gate opened in June, HGVs, cars and motor bikes constantly exceed speed limits, putting the lives of residents and their children in danger. Motorists also regularly run the red lights at the Castle Mead pedestrian crossing, endangering the lives of those using it, most vulnerable of whom are children going to and from school during term time.

Residents who walk their dogs along Leap Gate are also at risk as they are forced to cross the road in the 50mph zone to gain access to the open space as there is no footpath on the other side of the road.

Residents’ sleep is being disturbed by noise from the constant flow of traffic through the heart of the estate. Wiltshire Council has failed to adhere to their own Land at East Trowbridge Development Brief which says that potential traffic noise from the link road, Leap Gate, should be mitigated and is to have as little impact as possible on the residents of Castle Mead.

Wiltshire Council has repeatedly been asked to extend the 30mph zone on Leap Gate in line with existing housing and to lower the speed limit on the remaining stretch to 40mph to discourage motorists speeding through the whole estate, but they refuse to listen to residents’ concerns.

Please consider signing this petition!

Leap Gate: Keep Our Children Safe

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