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Dec 16th, 2016

Save ‘Outstanding’ Flagship HIV Charity, The Sussex Beacon, from Cuts to Services

By Nicole G

An ‘outstanding’ HIV support centre in Brighton could shut down within months because of NHS funding cuts. Living with HIV is tough. Right from diagnosis, a person’s world can turn upside down, so centres like these are vital. The Beacon Centre offers everything from medical help to emotional support and end of life care.

So 38 Degrees member Adam started a petition to save the centre and in just a few days it has over 2,500 signatures. Already all three local MP’s from the Conservative, Labour and Green parties have written to Jeremy Hunt to ask him to save the centre. Now he needs to hear from us.

People from all over Brighton are getting behind the campaign, sending a message that the centre really matters. A huge petition showing public support for the Sussex Beacon, right now, could be the thing that tips the balance and saves the centre.

If you believe we all deserve an NHS that’s there when we need it most, sign the petition below. It takes less than a minute to add your name:


Here’s what petition starter Adam had to say:

“The Sussex Beacon provides essential services to people living with HIV from across the entire UK. While many people living with HIV are now able to live long and healthy lives, there are still many who need specialist services. It provided over 2,000 bed nights, relieving pressure on both health and social care services in Sussex.”

38 Degrees members have won campaigns like this before. When NHS bosses tried to close a walk-in centre in Exeter, 38 Degrees member Andrew jumped into action. Thousands signed his petition, groups hit the streets to raise awareness, the local paper got involved and then NHS bosses agreed to keep the centre open.

Living with HIV isn’t easy. Even speaking about it to close family can seem impossible. Some of us can only imagine what that’s like. But we all have points of crisis in our lives, where we find it hard to cope – so we all know the value of having a place to turn at these times. The Sussex Beacon offers that place every day to thousands of people living with HIV.

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