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Jan 3rd, 2017

How to write a great New Year letter to your MP

By Georgina

In 2017, major decisions will be made about the future of our NHS. That’s why in the New Year, thousands of us are writing letters about how much the NHS means to us, and sending them to our MPs.

Imagine your local MP coming back into the office to a postbag full of letters. Every letter we write is another voice our MPs have to listen to.

If you’d like to get in on the action and write a letter of your own we’ve put together some top tips to help

1. Put your full name and address somewhere on your letters. This is important so that your MP knows the letter is coming from a local resident – otherwise they might not read it

2. Tell your NHS story. MPs are swamped with facts and figures about the NHS – but these letters are totally different.

Our strength is that we’re the people who love and use the NHS and can tell stories about our experience. Some of us have stories of how the NHS saved our lives or the life of a loved one. Others of us have stories about being let down by the NHS. Every letter we write is another voice our MPs have to listen to.

3. Make it easy to read. If you’re letter is polite, you’re more likely to be listened to. Handwritten letters are very thoughtful but only if the handwriting is legible.

4. Don’t forget to post your letters! 

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