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Jan 6th, 2017

Give Lawand a Chance to Communicate

By Nicole G

A 6-year-old boy from Iraq who escaped ISIS could be deported by the Home Office. His name is Lawand, he was born deaf and was forced to flee his home after finding out ISIS wanted to give disabled children the lethal injection. Since arriving he’s been learning British Sign Language and is finally able to speak with his family.

The Home Office will make their decision on Monday and 38 Degrees member Esther is calling for Lawland to be allowed to stay. His case is already splashed all over the news. If thousands of us sign Esther’s petition, our added public pressure could convince the Home Office to let Lawand stay.

After a horrible start to life, Lawand is finally being allowed a childhood. If you think it shouldn’t be snatched away now, then please sign the petition:


Esther started the petition because her daughter goes to the same specialist school and has become friends with Lawand. Here’s what she said:

“I believe that we should welcome those in need and champion the basic right of a child to be able to communicate and form relationships. If anyone truly takes time to imagine what Lawand’s life was like before he could express himself I don’t think they would want to turn their back on him.”

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