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Jan 26th, 2017

Theresa May meeting Donald Trump

By Robin Priestley


In 24 hours, our prime minister, Theresa May, is meeting Donald Trump, the new US president. He’s already promised to bring back torture, refuse shelter to refugees, and deny climate change. Our Prime Minister has to decide if she’ll stand up for British values or put them aside to woo Trump.

If we’re quick enough, we can make sure she does the right thing. She’s already decided what she’ll say to the press, but she’ll still be weighing up what to says to Trump behind closed doors. She’ll either nod along to Trump’s horrible plans, or stand up for our values – tolerance, fairness, compassion.

If thousands of us sign an open letter to her today demanding she stands firm on the things we all agree on – opposing torture, rejecting racism and protecting our planet – Theresa May could be one of the first people in the world to stand up to President Trump.

The 38 Degrees team will make sure that it’s delivered to Theresa May before she steps up to shake Trump’s hand.

Will you sign the open letter right now?

Sign the open letter

Theresa May represents British people when she goes abroad. And the British stand firm against tyrants and bullies. We oppose torture anywhere in the world, we believe that women deserve equal rights, and brilliant British scientists are leading the fight against climate change. When Theresa May speaks to Donald Trump tomorrow, she needs to speak for all of us.

Theresa May is trying to find a way to work with Trump in Britain’s interests. But we can make sure that when she walks into the White House tomorrow, she knows that there are lines that cannot be crossed. And that means making it clear that Britain will not support plans that destroy our planet and divide us as people.

Please sign the open letter right now, to make sure that your name’s on it when it’s delivered to the Prime Minister

Sign the open letter

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