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Feb 3rd, 2017

Theresa May: Stop the Big Six Energy Suppliers Ripping Us Off – Npower Update

By Nicole G

Outrageous: this morning, Npower announced that customers will have to pay an extra £100 a year just to keep the lights on.

All of us need gas and electricity to keep our homes warm or have a hot shower. But that doesn’t mean big companies should be allowed to charge huge prices on confusing tariffs.

The Government’s already concerned about Npower’s latest price hike. And Theresa May wants to crack down on rip-off energy pricing and the companies making billions off of it. Now it’s up to us make sure that those words are followed up with actions.

A huge petition today demanding that Theresa May commits to cracking down on the big gas and electricity companies could be enough to get her to step in and end rip-off pricing for good.

Please will you sign the petition today to stop rip-off gas and electricity prices? It’ll only take 30 seconds:


At the moment it’s only Npower suggesting this price increase, but we can be sure the other big energy companies are waiting in the wings and seeing how people respond. If enough of us kick up a fuss about Npower’s greed, it could stop the other companies from trying to follow suit.

38 Degrees members have taken on and beaten the big energy companies before. In the last two years over 40,000 of us joined a collective switch to other gas and electricity companies and together we moved around £42.5 million out of the pockets of the UK’s biggest rip-off energy companies.

But this year we can go even further. With enough pressure on the government we can make sure that laws are passed to stop these companies ripping any of us off in the future.

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