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Feb 7th, 2017

NHS Doctor Speaks Out on Funding Crisis

By Nicole G


This email is a bit different from the other emails you get sent by 38 Degrees. One brave doctor has been in touch with the 38 Degrees staff team to speak out about working on the frontline of the NHS crisis – and this is her story.

She was so worried by what she saw in her NHS hospital that she decided to speak out. Her inside story proves that our NHS can’t keep going for much longer without more money. You need to hear what she says and get the message out.

There are hundreds of thousands of people reading this email. If we all share this doctor’s story with two friends, then over 5 million people will see the truth about what’s happening behind the scenes in our NHS.

You need to see this video. Click the link to watch it – it’s only a few minutes long:


Just one person watching a video may not feel like it can make a difference – but hundreds of thousands of us will get this email and, together, we know millions of others. Sharing this video is just one way to make sure that every single person in Britain knows that our NHS needs help.

Our NHS runs on the hard work of nurses, doctors and all NHS staff. They’re there for us when we need care. But right now, they’re under enormous strain. They see the terrifying reality of the strain that our hospitals are under. If we’re going to make sure the NHS is there when we need it, we need to get the truth out.

Thousands of people need to see this video today. Please will you watch it right now, and then share it with your friends?

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