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Feb 8th, 2017

Update: Tell your MP to Speak Out on Gambling Companies

By Nicole G

Addictive betting machines are ruining people’s lives. That’s why thousands of us have come together to tell the government: it’s time to get tough on gambling companies.

And your voice was heard. You signed a petition demanding action and last week it was handed straight to Tracey Crouch, the minister responsible for gambling.


Gambling Meeting

Tony, Pete and Sadie are all 38 Degrees members who’ve been affected by gambling. Tony’s addiction to betting machines led him to lose his home, family and career. And Pete and Sadie’s son Lewis tragically took his own life after struggling with an addiction.

They met with Tracey Crouch to deliver the petition and tell their stories. They told her face to face what gambling had cost them and their families. But the meeting wasn’t just about Tony, Pete and Sadie- it was also about thousands of us being heard. That’s why Tony, Pete and Sadie also handed her a report of member voices and responses to our survey on gambling.

The government is listening and knows we want action. But there’s a long road ahead. They’ll be hearing from gambling companies who’re trying to stop the crackdown. We’ve made a good start, but we’ve got to make sure they keep listening to us, not the gambling lobbyists. And that means devoting time and money.

Please can you chip in a couple of pounds a week so that we can keep up the pressure on the government?

Yes I’ll chip in £1 a week

Yes I’ll chip in £2 a week

No but I’ll chip in £3 now

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