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Feb 10th, 2017

Stop British Shops Funding Extremists

By Nicole G

The money we spend in shops is ending up in the pockets of Nazis and ISIS. Places like Waitrose and Argos have been caught advertising their products on websites that spread hate.

The scandal’s made front page news, and today the shops are feeling the pressure. They’ve promised to take these adverts down. But we need them to come up with a watertight plan so that this can never happen again. Pressure from us – their customers – could convince them.

Here’s the plan. Shops like Argos and Waitrose are fiercely protective of their Facebook pages. And because they’re so public, when people start commenting on their page they take it seriously. If thousands of us comment on their pages this afternoon, our call to stop funding extremists will filter up to the people in charge – and fast.

If you don’t want your money to fund hate groups, can you leave a comment on one of the shops’ Facebook pages right now?

Comment on Facebook

Or if you’re not on Facebook, you can send them an email by clicking the button below:

Send an email

Advertising on the internet is a billion pound industry. Big brands spend huge amounts of money putting their products all over websites. And their money comes from us – spending cash on our weekly shop or buying birthday presents.

But right now, that money can end up in the pockets of extremist groups. They rely on websites and violent videos to spread their dangerous messages. And because the places we shop are paying them to run ads, it means we’re funding hate.

Defeating groups that promote these dangerous ideas will not be easy. Turning the tide on racism and fascism will take more than one campaign. But noticing things like this, then fighting back at every chance we get, is the way we will beat them. Today, we have a practical opportunity to take money out of the hands of Nazis and ISIS. And it starts with leaving a comment on Facebook.

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