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Feb 17th, 2017

Stand Up to the Big Energy Giants

By Nicole G

Do you get your gas and electricity from one of the big energy companies like Npower, EDF, or Scottish Power? Because if you do, you could be paying £100 a year extra just to keep the lights on. They’ve upped their prices and are facing the heat for it.

As members of 38 Degrees we’re about taking action together. So let’s negotiate a quick deal with another energy company that’s not going to take us for a ride, before the prices go up.

All it takes right now is for each of us to click the button below to say we’re interested in switching to cheaper energy. No commitment or money involved. So, what do you say?


We might feel powerless against big energy giants like Npower. But in the last two years, 38 Degrees members have taken £42.5 million from the Big Six companies. All through thousands of us coming together and switching to a better, cheaper company.

Do you want to add your voice to negotiating a better, cheaper deal with a new energy company? The more of us who say we’re interested, the more power we’ll have when we go to negotiate with the big giants. Click the button below to say you’re interested – all you’re doing right now is registering your interest.

Every time one of us switches, 38 Degrees gets £18.75 to put straight back into the campaigns we care about. The Big Deal, our expert partners, gets around £18.75 after their costs. To read more about the Big Deal and their relationship with 38 Degrees, please click here:

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