Bees seeds are starting to sprout

Spring is well underway and 38 Degrees members all across the UK have begun planting our bee friendly seeds to make sure our bumbling friends have a bumper harvest.

Over 60,000 packs have been posted out and the seeds are now becoming seedlings as we enter spring. Members all across the country get planting to save our bees one seed at a time.

Take a look at some of the wonderful photos that have been sent in recently.

It’s an incredible example of how when we come together we can make a difference.

We’ve planted enough seeds to cover three major cities in wildflowers, making sure that our bees have a helping hand this year. We’ve doubled our efforts, campaigning to keep bee killing pesticides off our fields and filling our gardens with seeds to keep our bees buzzing all summer.

Here is a display at Balham Library in south London, where children have been colouring in flowers in return for some bee friendly seeds to plant at home.

Do you have some pictures of seeds that you’ve planted that are beginning to come up? Please share them on facebook and twitter with the hashtag #beefriendlyseeds

Soon our seeds will become beautiful wildflower gardens that will help keep our bees happy all summer!