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May 8th, 2017

Medway Children’s Services

By Rachel Whalley

Medway council want to cut funding for children’s services. They think the money would be better spent putting on an elaborate re-enactment of a 350 year old naval battle.

Michael lives in Medway, and thinks it’s wrong to take money from Kent’s kids to pay for fireworks and jet-ski displays. He’s started a petition calling for the council to spend the money how it was intended – on local children.

The decision is so scandalous it’s hit the national news. If thousands of us sign his petition right now, the added public pressure could convince the council to drop the controversial plans.

Parents and young children across Medway get vital support from local children’s services. To use the money to pay for elaborate celebrations of a 350 year old battle, is a disservice to kids across Kent. For Michael, it’s a matter of priorities.

Here’s what Michael says:

‘As a Medway council tax payer I know where I want the money to be spent – on children!’

If you agree with Michael that you don’t want taxpayers money literally going up in flames, sign the petition right now:

Sign the petition here

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