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Jun 13th, 2017

Donate to our fighting fund

By Katie Edwards

MPs talked about you last night. Conservative MPs had a behind-closed-doors meeting in London where they talked about the messages thousands of us have sent them. Afterwards, some MPs told journalists they were planning to “ignore the concerns” of 38 Degrees-ers. That’s right – they actually said they’re going to ignore their constituents.

At first I was annoyed that any MP would boast about ignoring voters. But now I’m excited. The fact that 38 Degrees-ers like you and I are being talked about proves we’re having an impact. We’ve got their attention, and that’s exactly why a few MPs would rather we stay quiet.

They’re watching what we do next. So let’s show those MPs what happens when they joke about ignoring us.

This week, we need to build a post-election fighting fund of £100,000, ready for huge campaigns to save our NHS, the environment and schools. Every single pound will send those MPs a message: if you try to ignore us, we’ll do even more to fight harder for the things we care about.

Chip in £2

Chip in £5

Chip in £7

Whether you’ve emailed, tweeted, written a letter to your MP or you’ve never spoken to them: this matters to all of us. Those MPs are trying to stop ordinary people having a voice, and we can’t let that slide.

No one knows exactly what will happen over the next few days and weeks. That’s exactly why we need to pool our resources to be ready for anything. Whether it’s another election, a new Prime Minister, or new threats to our NHS – we must be prepared. Especially because there are people who are deliberately trying to undermine us.

A huge post-election fighting fund – built by all of us, one pound at a time – will make sure that 38 Degrees has the resources we need to respond to anything that happens over the coming weeks. It’ll show those MPs that we’re a force to be reckoned with.

I joined 38 Degrees because alone, my voice could never reach the Prime Minister. And because the cash in my wallet could never match the wealth of powerful lobbyists with access to Downing Street. That’s what’s so special about 38 Degrees. We don’t have behind-closed-doors meetings that we leak to journalists, and we’re not bankrolled by wealthy donors. When 38 Degrees-ers come together, we are far more powerful than any individual. And that’s what worries those MPs.

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