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Jul 4th, 2017

Jeremy Hunt: reveal secret NHS plans

By Holly Maltby


Last week 38 Degrees went down the the Department of Health to hand in the 225,000 strong petition calling on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to reveal the secret plans to change local NHS services.

He might be about to sign-off the plans which could force changes to local NHS services. And it’s all just to cut costs. The plans could mean cuts to hospital beds, making waiting times longer, and cutting NHS staff.

The plans – called a “capped expenditure process” – are being finished right now. Because the plans are secret it’s hard to say exactly which services could be at risk. But the scale of the threat is clear – NHS bosses have been told to ‘think the unthinkable’ for these plans. No wonder Jeremy Hunt doesn’t want us to see them!

The best way to stop these cuts is to get them out in the open and demand that our NHS is funded properly. You can still sign the petition, just click here: https://link.38degrees.org.uk/jeremy-hunt-secret

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