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Aug 2nd, 2017

Energy Price Caps

By 38 Degrees team

The big energy rip-off is back. British Gas have just announced a massive price hike that’ll cost customers an extra £78 a year. That’s money that thousands of families won’t have to put food on the table, or kit out their children for the new school year.

The pressure on Theresa May to take action is growing on all sides. The news of the price hike is all over the headlines and MPs from all parties are saying it’s time to stand up to rip-off energy giants. If enough of us add our voices to the MPs demanding a cap on energy price hikes, Theresa May’s government will be forced to take action.

Right now public opinion will help this government sink or swim. A huge petition, calling on the Prime Minister to get energy prices under control will prove people across the country want action, and force her to follow through on her price cap promise.

So will you add you name to over 160,000 of us calling on Theresa May to stop rip-off price hikes?



Whether you’re a customer with British Gas or not, today’s price hike is bad news for your wallet. When one energy company raises their prices, the others are rarely far behind.  And they’ve been getting away with it for years, lining their own pockets while taking money away from families.

38 Degrees members have taken on and beaten big energy companies before. Over 49,000 of us have joined a collective switch to cheaper gas and electricity companies, taking £49 million off the UK’s biggest rip-off energy companies. Now we can go even further and make sure these companies stop ripping us off for good.

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