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Aug 8th, 2017

Weekly survey results 7/8/2017

By James Austin

As members of 38 Degrees, each one of us helps decide the issues we work on together to make change happen. Knowing what all of us care about is vital.

On Friday afternoon, the office team sit down with the results of this survey to help decide what to do for the week. Here are the results (1 is ranked the highest priority and 7 is the lowest):

  1. Campaigning for the NHS to get the funding it needs to give world-class care
  2. Getting more funding for social care so that the elderly and vulnerable are cared for
  3. Stopping cuts to welfare that affect the poorest and most vulnerable
  4. Making sure corporations pay their fair share of tax, and aren’t tax dodging
  5. Building a people-powered Brexit plan, prioritising fairness, justice, and the environment
  6. Getting fair trade deals after Brexit that benefit everyone, not just big business
  7. Protecting our bees from habitat destruction and bee-killing pesticides


Members also vote on which of new campaigns they think are the most important. Members overwhelmingly thought that the campaign to make sure the government don’t water down our Human Rights Act was the most important. Members also saw the importance in campaigning to get free parking for nurses and doctors, forcing Parcelforce to end their unfair treatment of drivers that call in sick and making councils stop using disposable plastic cutlery in their buildings. You can see more in-depth analysis of our weekly survey in England and Wales here.

In Scotland, 38 Degrees members shared many similar concerns but the unfair treatment of Parcelforce drivers came out on top as a campaign they would like 38 Degrees to take on. Scottish members would also like their government to adopt stricter targets to tackle climate change, as well as a campaign to make land ownership fairer in Scotland. You can see more in-depth results of our weekly survey in Scotland here.

Look out for our next weekly member survey on our Facebook page to have your say on how 38 Degrees should campaign.

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