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Sep 15th, 2017

Paycap Video

By Moon Saker

Will Theresa May pay our nurses, firefighters and police properly? The public sector pay cap has been all over the news this week: there’s been announcements, votes, and talks of strikes. But what’s actually been decided?

Watch this video to find out, then share with your friends so everyone knows!


Over 220,000 of us – including you – are calling for the unfair pay cap to be scrapped completely. The news this week proves our pressure is working – Theresa May has agreed to pay our police and prison workers better. But she’s not yet agreed to give everyone working in our public services like our nurses and teachers a fair pay rise.

If each one of us reading this email watches and shares the video, Theresa May won’t be able to hide behind confusing headlines any longer. It’ll mean that more and more of us can turn up the pressure on the government, and convince them to pay our nurses and firefighters properly.

So will you share the video with your friends and family, so they can know the truth behind the headlines too?


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