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Sep 27th, 2017

Universal Credit

By Becca McCarthy

Next week, the government could force thousands of people onto Universal Credit – the scheme that’s supposed to give financial help to people struggling to get by. But in areas where it’s been rolled out, its led to massive problems. Families have been forced to wait six weeks before they get the money they need, while rent and bills stack up.

The government’s already coming under fire – MPs and top charities are demanding they delay the roll-out of Universal Credit until the problems are fixed. If we can prove that the public expects them to slam the brakes on too, we could convince them to pause the controversial scheme before it’s too late.

Will you sign the petition to the Minister in charge right now and demand the roll-out of Universal Credit is paused? It only takes 30 seconds:

Sign the petition here

Universal credit is a new scheme that replaces lots of different benefits, from topping up the wages of people who don’t get paid enough to get by, to support you receive if you’re too sick to work. But massive teething problems mean people have been forced to wait six weeks before they get the help they need.

Faced with six weeks without support, people are being forced to make difficult choices. Do you pay your rent, put the heating on, or skip dinner? In the places that Universal Credit has been trialled, the results are shocking: there’s been a massive spike in people relying on foodbanks to get by, or falling behind on their rent.

Charities, top civil servants and the government’s own MPs are already calling for the roll-out of Universal Credit to be paused until all of the problems can be ironed out. But if we’re going to stop people being driven to desperate situations, thousands of us need to speak out too.

Sign the petition here

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