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Sep 30th, 2017

Thank your MP for signing the open letter!

By 38 Degrees team

When Theresa May broke her election promise to stop the big energy companies ripping us off, she probably wasn’t expecting this much uproar. Already, 120,000 38 Degrees-ers have called on her to keep her word. Now, 192 MPs – including your MP, Stephen Timms – have signed an open letter echoing our demand.

If we want Theresa May to crack down on the big energy companies for good, we’ll have to make sure she’s feeling the pressure from all sides. That includes getting our MPs to keep speaking up.

Thank you emails from their voters today could be exactly what our MPs need to keep the pressure up on Theresa May. Plus when our MPs do the right thing, it’s only fair we say thank you!

So will you email your MP now to say thank you for signing the open letter to Theresa May, and to keep up the pressure? It’ll only take 2 minutes:



Theresa May’s broken election promise means energy companies are getting away with their rip-off practices. Just a couple of weeks ago, British Gas hiked up their prices – again.

Thousands of us have leapt into action in response. And today’s news will only add to the pressure Theresa May’s feeling now. But if we want to win, we’ll need our MPs to keep speaking out.

This open letter from MPs like yours will have ruffled a few feathers. Big energy lobbyists will be trying to shut it down, and muffle the voices of MPs who are trying to do the right thing. By sending our MPs thank you emails, we can give them the backing they need to keep up the pressure.

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