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Nov 8th, 2017

NHS: Open letter to your MP

By Becca McCarthy

Right now, Chancellor Philip Hammond is deciding what the government should spend money on in the year ahead. He’ll announce his Budget in three weeks. [1] If we’re going to make sure the NHS gets the funding it needs, we need to act fast.

Here’s the plan: if thousands of us tell our MPs that we expect the NHS to get more funding at the Budget, word will filter up quickly to Philip Hammond. [2] The pressure from his colleagues could convince him to put the NHS at the top of his list.

Will you sign the open letter to your MP and ask them to demand Philip Hammond gives the NHS the money it needs?

Sign here

Our NHS has been starved of cash for years, which means our hospitals and GP surgeries have been stretched to breaking point. [3] That’s why 38 Degrees members, like you, have been demanding the government funds our NHS properly. [4] This week, our fears have been echoed by an influential think tank. A hard-hitting report says what we’ve known all along: our NHS has suffered because of a lack of money. [5]

Right now, Philip Hammond’s office will be busy fielding calls from different government departments who all want a slice of the Budget. [6] But if our MPs start pressuring him at every chance they get, it could convince him to make the NHS his top priority for more funding.


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