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Nov 13th, 2017

Internships at 38 Degrees

By Megan Bentall

Four times a year 38 Degrees hires interns to work in the office team. The internship is paid and the salary is above the London living wage. It lasts for six months, and is open to everyone.

Since the internship programme began back in 2013, 31 people have been hired. 

38 Degrees interns are characterised by their energy and enthusiasm. The programme requires interns to work hard and learn fast. In return, interns quickly become equipped with all the skills and experiences needed to build a career in this fast and exciting area of campaigning. 

Here’s what some past interns have said about our programme:

If you’re an aspiring campaigner then you will not find a better school than 38 Degrees. Think of it as a lab that mixes concepts like people-power with innovative tactics to deliver ever more ambitious campaigns. Each week will be different. If you want to work on a wide range of campaigns and learn something new everyday, then 38 Degrees is the place to go.

“The 38 Degrees internship is a fantastic introduction to campaigning – I’ve learned a lot about spotting campaigns, building strategies, supporting local campaigners, using the media and working with tech. It’s fast-paced, varied and fun!”

“The internship programme set me up for being a campaigner. The staff team were really gracious with their time, making sure I was always learning and given new tasks to stretch myself. I finished the internship having run some campaigns – and won! – and this would have never happened without the training and support I was given.”

You can check if we are hiring by looking at our jobs page here: https://home.38degrees.org.uk/about/jobs/


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