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Jan 25th, 2018

Animal welfare

By Becca McCarthy

The law that protects animals is changing because of Brexit. And right now, it could go either way. [1] Powerful fox-hunting and factory farm lobbyists could push to water them down. [2] Or massive public pressure could make animal welfare laws stronger than ever.

The government can’t afford to deal with an angry public backlash on animal rights. [3] So they’re asking for advice on what should happen in a huge public consultation. That’s where you come in!

If the government sees tens of thousands of us telling them how much we care about protecting animals, we can push them to make the UK’s animal rights the best in the world.

It’ll need each of us reading this email to take a quick survey to tell the government what we think. It takes about 3 minutes to take the survey.


Animal welfare rules protect animals from cruelty and abuse. Without them, animals would have no protection from people who want to hurt them. And there would be no consequences for abuse. [4] Britain would be a bleak place to live if we didn’t protect the most vulnerable.

Right now our law stops certain types of animal cruelty. [5] But Brexit could be an opportunity to make our laws even stronger. [6] Let’s show the government that after Brexit, we want Britain to treat animals with the decency they deserve.


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