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Feb 28th, 2018

Bottle Deposits – next steps

By Becca McCarthy

Michael Gove is delaying plans to bring back a “bottle deposit scheme” to stop plastic pollution. [1] Today MPs are calling him out on it. [2] Newspapers are too. [3]

Michael Gove will be feeling the heat. All that’s missing is a huge wave of public pressure – telling him to bring back the scheme now.

Here’s the plan: Michael Gove uses social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the public. He’ll have a team whose job it is to respond to people’s messages there. If thousands of us send messages on Twitter and Facebook saying the public wants a bottle deposit scheme, it will quickly filter up to Michael Gove himself. He’ll know the public want him to tackle plastic pollution now.

Will you send a message to Michael Gove on Twitter demanding he brings back a bottle deposit scheme? It only takes one minute:


Bringing back a deposit return scheme is has only got on Michael Gove’s agenda because thousands of us joined together to tell him to do it. Environmental charity ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ launched a huge petition on the 38 Degrees website and over 320,000 of us signed it. [4] We even took a huge plastic boat made of bottles to Westminster to show MPs the scale of the problem. [5]

He’s said all the right things so far, but now it looks like he’s stalling at the last hurdle. [6] If thousands of us flood Michael Gove’s Facebook and Twitter pages with messages, he’ll have nowhere to hide from the pressure to keep his promise and stop plastic pollution.


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[6] See note [1] and [3]

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