Animal Transport

No animal should have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles in the back of a lorry, trampled on, injured, overheated or hungry – only to be slaughtered at the end of the ordeal. But right now this is exactly what can happen to the thousands of animals who are shipped abroad from the UK each year. [1]

Thankfully we’ve got the chance to stop this cruel practice. Michael Gove, the minister in charge of farming, is asking the public what they think about banning live animal exports after we leave the EU. [2] So the campaign group, Compassion in World Farming, have set up a 38 Degrees petition, calling on him to end this unnecessary suffering. [3]

You can bet that the big farming lobbyists will be coming out in full force to make sure this brutal, and unnecessary, practice continues. But when 38 Degrees-ers come together, we’re more powerful than any lobbyist. If hundreds of thousands of us sign this petition and hand it in to the consultation, we could make sure Michael Gove stands up for our animals and ends this cruelty.

Can you sign the petition now, and make sure our voices are heard above the big farming lobby?


Live animals from farms in the UK are crammed into vehicles, travelling huge distances only to be slaughtered at the end. Many are injured or trampled. They can be in transit for days, suffering extremes of temperature and can go without sufficient food, water or rest. [4] All this happens to creatures who feel pain and distress, just like we do. [5]

Michael Gove is considering a ban on live animal exports as part of his effort to make sure Brexit works “for the animals we love and cherish too”. [6] Change is on the horizon, we just need to make sure the government know this is what we all want.

This time last year Michael Gove asked the public what we thought about introducing a bottle deposit schemes. [7] One year later, after a huge campaign involving hundreds of thousands of us, he announced that all bottles in England will be covered by a deposit return scheme, saving our land and sea creatures from pollution. [8] Now, we’ve got the chance to do it again and make sure Michael Gove bans live animal exports.


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