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Apr 17th, 2018

Crisps packaging

By Becca McCarthy

We eat more crisps than any other nation on earth. [1] But right now almost all the crisps sold in the UK are in non-recyclable plastic packaging which doesn’t rot. That means millions of crisp packets end up filling landfills, littering our parks and clogging up our oceans. [2]

Walkers Crisps sell more than half the crisps we eat. [3] If they switched to recyclable or biodegradable packets it’d make a huge difference for our environment and wildlife. That’s why Geraint, set up a petition on the 38 Degrees website calling on Walkers to lead the way and switch their packaging. [4]

Walkers are a company that really care about how people see them. If tens of thousands of us demand that Walkers Crisps switch to plastic-free packaging, it could give them the push they need to make the change. A huge petition landing on the boss’ desk would send a message from loyal customers they couldn’t ignore.

Can you take 30 seconds to add your name now and help stop crisp packets littering our environment?


Most of us probably had no idea that the nation’s favourite snack was adding to the plastic crisis. On average we eat 150 bags each a year – that’s a lot of plastic waste! [5] But Walkers has the answer – they’ve already developed plastic-free packets but are yet to make the change. [6] Now we’ve got the chance to pile on the pressure and make sure the country’s favourite crisp company does the right thing.

From plastic cotton bud sticks to plastic in our teabags, 38 Degrees members have a history of taking on big businesses on plastic use – and winning. [7] Just last month PG Tips said they are removing plastic from their tea bags after over 100,000 of us put pressure on them. [8] And Odeon and other cinemas are currently under pressure from over 150,000 of us to stop using plastic straws. [9]


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